Heart Out Of Pictures With Virginia Burburn

I don’t know if you’re ready or not, but this time it’s not all over until Valentine’s Day. Did you know that the first day of the year is every six months of the year? During that period, people pay more attention to the tasks they carry around so far. However, there is one aspect that is always interesting to me. It’s the novelty. No matter how weird or old your Christmas tree is, someone actually manages to find the right spot for it. It sounds like fun and it’s also very satisfying to be creative so here’s a really nice example.

This is Virginia Burburn’s beautiful little house. He designed it for himself and went from dreaming about homes for his parents to customizing a space for his.

Even though people can get involved in a project and that is not as easy as it seems, personal projects are always inspiring. This one is full of projects. For example, the owner of this charming space ordered a bunch of antique drawers and filled them with things like rugs, antique lighting fixtures and sheets and everything else and putting them together like a puzzle. It’s not something that suits someone who is not a big guy.

To make a similar space feel inviting and warm, the drawers and their rugs and frames were made from recycled newspaper. I would think that if you were a magno you wouldn’t even be noticed this because you would be already addicted. But, still, the space benefits from their beauty. This is a really awesome project for those who love to have a lot of fun near the house.

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