Farmhouse Kitchen Images By Leonor

If you want to create something simple and nice, then you should take a look at this collection. It’s a series of simple furniture pieces, all featuring rounded silhouettes, white furniture and very bright colors. This way the light placed on these decorations by definition reads like light. There are not additional details visible through the white furniture.

The collection was designed by the Spanish artist Maris Labo. It takes some time for the light to light up the pieces. It’s not a very indicated method of creating the effect of light. It’s best to be precise when you apply the light and watch for a creative process that will result in large changes. For now there are several options to choose from.

The main color of the collection is red. It can be successfully used in a large variety of ways. One way would be sued on trim, the arms and the legs and it would look amazing. However, there are a few more modern choices. For example, you could choose to use a dining room table with a matching dining chair.

Another option would be to use the same dining chairs but for a different color. For both cases, white is your main color. It will be best if they are equally light. The walls should remain neutral. the table should also be white. But if you insist on color, color is not enough. Stick with shades and pastels and this is usually the best choice in this case.

This is a rather unusual collection, not the type that we’re used with. It’s very simple and casual but also very stylish, just how the owners wanted. It’s a nice collection that attempts to create a refined atmosphere using only clean and simple furniture designs. Elegant details are particularly difficult to achieve. The lighting fixtures are strategically placed on each arm and the arms have those beautiful handcrafted details. It’s just supposed to be a collection that was created for the owners and that they admire today.

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