California Contemporary Homes By Architectural Firm Jim Belushi

Site and structure
The residence you see here was built by Architectural Firm Jim Belushi. The house is located in upstate New York, in a drought tolerant setting. The client requested a contemporary, energy efficient home that would be built in just a few hours. So the architects were given the task of build it in just an hour. The house was designed as a low cost intervention. It was also an unexpected choice. The client wanted a very modern home with a clean design and energy-efficient construction.

Located in Caluire-Bitalia a week-end retreat was the starting point for the project. The architect chose Caluire-Bitalia. They were a design firm created by Carlos Prio-Tiltamarizano and Michele de Boriondo Ital, leading the major collaboration between the architect and the owners. It was completed in 2005 and it integrates a total of nine suites.

California Contemporary Homes By Architectural Firm Jim Belushi Photo 2

The residence is organized on three levels. The lowest level is occupied by the formal living spaces and the upper level is the more private level. The living and dining areas are placed in the back of the volume where they can also be found the game room and the children’s play room, both part of the common space.

The kitchen is placed in the continuation of the wooden deck. It has a large dining table that can accommodate six persons, the same size of the dining table.

The walls that separate the public areas from the residences offer a continuous and seamless background that lets everything flow without a physical barrier. The glass wall can be opened to also let in natural light. The residence has a huge gourmet kitchen equipped with everything necessary and, above that, a spacious living room with a Japanese sofa seating two, comfortable couches and a table.

The dining room chairs are spot-equipped and company. They are in perfect harmony with the wooden table and the wooden floors. The first floor connects to the outdoor through a circular architectural element.

A floating staircase leads to the second floor. There, a second level of bedrooms and wardrobes complete this amazing architectural ensemble. The whole house is an exercise of contrasts. The intimate spaces are beautifully illuminated while carefully positioned to embrace the natural beauty in the most relaxing and relaxing ways possible.

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