Converted Warehouse

This building is located in Sherwood Hill, Victoria, Australia. It’s an abandoned warehouse that was originally built in the 1980s. Even though it’s very beautiful, it was in need of a major renovation. The space was reconfigured and turned into a lovely family home that the clients finally finished renovation. The project was developed by Jackson Clemens Burrows. The main idea was to completely retain and reuse as much as possible from the building and to renovate the interior but not before dreaming of how the old warehouse would look like in their own house.

The clients had two main requests. The building would have to be preserved as it can be useful in a new lifestyle but they also wanted to recover the industrial charm that the warehouse had once. Given these requests, the architects came up with the strategy of converting the warehouse into a contemporary home with Scandinavian influences. The idea was to preserve most the exposed structural elements and to integrate them into the new design. The existing brick walls were dismantled, the timber beams and the flooring ground floor were replaced. The rest of the structure was replaced as well. The family room is situated on the street side of the warehouse and it’s complemented by an open plan kitchen in front of it. It has access to a terrace and it’s always brightly-colored.

The space was refurbished as well as converted for the family’s 4 members. The floor is yellow and it contrasts with the white surfaces. There’s also a beautiful canteen that was converted into so called “neighbor’s cottage” and it can be accessed through the bluestone lined wall that surrounds it. The open plan living is spacious and very friendly, almost like a family home.{found on archdaily}.

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