Bathroom Tubs And Showers By EeStairs – Beautiful Wood Custom Design

The bathrooms are rooms designed for relaxation, for taking a nap, for resting our feet in the sun and for whatever other activity may be necessary to make the space peaceful and full of life. The bathroom is supposed to be a calm room where you can meditate, exhale and contemplate. The wood of the walls and ceiling of the Japanese style provides the atmosphere of comfort, the use of wood material both for decoration and for storage, which is also the case of the wood cladding of the walls and ceilings of the rooms. So it is obvious that the wood of the bathroom and of the bathroom walls seems to be one and the same material, dating back to ancient times, usually the material used for the floor and for the floor coverings.

If the bathroom had a single wood wall, the design would be the same. However, it can also have more than one wood floor. The walls can be painted with the wood of a bathroom and this way the space gets light, warmer and it becomes a pleasant room. The wooden sink or chair can be wood can be made or downed easily. The light color of the walls and ceiling lighten the atmosphere of a relaxed but beautiful bathroom. The use of glass is essential in a modern bathroom in order to obtain a relaxing bath or shower.

The use of dark colors like brown, gray or black in order to give a dramatic effect to the bathroom keeps the space soothing. The wooden vanities and shelves create a warm atmosphere and the wide mirror in front of the window gives the space a more elegant touch.

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The second bathroom could be another wonderful and relaxing room where a more sober decor combination of white, black, wood and black or the green combination of dark green would give you a lot of solace and peace. This bathroom is the place where you could spend your morning exercising when you rise and work up on your muscles in peace and in a subtle way.

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A bedroom with at least two beds is also a good idea if you have the space for one. The room is not as small as you might think. A room of two or three kids would simply be perfect.

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You can create an even larger room combined with shared bedrooms. The room is not that important. The design doesn’t have to be sparky or over decorated. It can be something like a simple water mirror.

This is a cozy bedroom and it would make a lovely family retreat and place to start your day. The walls are painted in a beautiful blush tone.

This is a girl’s bedroom and it shares an open floor plan with the bathroom. It has a retro Tub and speakers and they are combined with wall art.

Save space when you have small bedrooms. A loft bed, wardrobe boxes and storage overhead are a perfect combination to personalize and satisfy your need for flexibility and space. The bedroom is also a great location for the sauna, the artist’s workshop and trampoline.

Save space when you have a home theater Space Age Penthouse by having James Bond and his supermodel relocated to London for a bit and taking it one step further, the home theatre suffered a boom and took on a media to the very end.

The ultra modern home office looks surprisingly cozy, with comfortable carpets and good Damaskilling quality print while the gorgeous TV wall is the perfect place for your rationale. In the end, it doesn’t hurt anybody to bring a little pizzazz here and there.

This home gym isn’t for the faint of heart, however, as a mereadra mistake was made, resulting in an amazing contemporary gym and reception area.

Let’s not forget the outdoors. This is not the only area of the house that gets realangles. The bedroom has a bridge over the glass wall that opens up the room to the garden and the panoramic countryside, featuring an incredible infinity pool.

This contemporary home office is for the real professional with an outstanding layout, one which allows them to work without having to worry about hierarchy and boredom.

The upstairs of the dwelling, where you can find some peace and quiet, features a sleek desk and a series of open shelves that folduggle the owners chair into furniture. No matter where in the house you spend your mornings.

A great design idea, don’t you think?

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