Kitchen And Living Room Combinations With A Warm And Welcoming Décor

The kitchen and living room form the same open space, the same unit in which all the appliances are included. But there are also other changes that have a functional and uniform design. We have seen kitchens that almost gave up its neutrality and we would like to continue on the same line. But this time we are only interested in what’s inside. The kitchen is the social space and all the activities originate here. The livingroom is more suitable for the smaller gatherings, in case gatherings come. We are looking at a combination of kitchen, living room and dining room.

The kitchen is connected to the dining room. Given its positioning, the kitchen can be used for cooking as well as for family reunions and friendly gatherings. The dining room, on the other hand, is a private space where family members can spend time together. The result is a cohesive and casual, inviting and warm atmosphere.

The final aspect is the mezzanine area. It present when guests or visitors come visit the living room and as such it’s not usually used for anything else. It’s a space designed for casual getaways. It’s where guests are treated with respect and where they feel like they’re enjoying a special place, like a retreat. The Mezzanine is a room with a double function. The kitchen can be used as a dining area and as a workspace and it has a very simple, functional layout.

Kitchen And Living Room Combinations With A Warm And Welcoming Décor Photo 3

The mezzanine is a space where the kitchen essentials are stored and where friends and family interact around the kitchen table. The double function bedroom also has two beds, one for guests and the other for guests. The parents’ bedroom is very simple. It has a bed, a wardrobe and a small bathroom. There’s also a third bed in there as well as plenty of space in the room for other more pet-friendly pieces of furniture. Overall, it’s a very simple and flexible space with a modern and casual design.{found on site}.

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