Bathtub Silhouette From Artistic Tile

Bathtubs have evolved very rapidly over the years with various technological apparatuses. What was once a simple showerhead has now become the centerpiece of household life. This bathtub style silhouette from Artistic Tile takes bathroom luxury to a whole new level.

The Artistic Tile bathroom collection features a bathtub with a distinct and standout twist. A wide range of materials has been employed in harmonious combination with simple geometric forms to create a bathroom fixture that is designed to engage in a very ordinary architectural expression.

If the bathtub of the Artistic Tile bathroom seems rather out of the ordinary, then maybe we are looking too for opulent in the region. The large and bold bathtub would need no introduction and would make any bathroom look exceptional.

Bathtub Silhouette From Artistic Tile Photo 4

You can discover more inspiration from the pictures here. How much tiles would you use for a bathtub?

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