Studio Apartment Setup Ideas By Denise HutterGrounds

Denise HutterGroundes designed a stylish apartment for her family located in San Francisco. The owners also decided to redecorate the apartment after adding a lot of new features and they ended up with an overall fresh look. The designers worked together with various artists and designers from Canada and the results are quite interesting and inspiring.

The architects originally had the task of renovating a semi-detached house located in Montreal, Canada. They realized that the original layout of the building was too inconvenient because of the staircase. Denise HutterGroundes in collaboration with her studio manages to balance the staircase interior with the rest of the space and to use eco-friendly materials when redesigning the staircase. The main material used is steel and glass in order to give the apartment a modern and stylish look.

The staircase that creates the correlation between the interior and exterior of the building is made of wood and sits above the social zone’s glass walls. The apartments walls were coated with white glass paint for a smoother and more transparent look and this way the transition from interior to exterior is smoother and also less striking.

The apartment is bright and open, with full-height windows that offer the possibility of transition spaces. The wooden walls create a warm and also a inviting atmosphere while also creating a more airy and refined décor. The apartment in general is very bright and modern. The white walls, the white ceilings and all the other little elements combined to create this beautiful balance of color and texture is wonderful. You can see that this is an apartment unlike any we’re seen before.

The interior design project of this place was completed in 2019 and the main concept here was to create a series of hallways that connect the spaces and add more functions to the apartment without adding ever-necessary extra features. The red staircase is a wonderful element that in addition to adding extra area of space straight away is the focal point of the entire apartment. It’s placed in such a way that it has openings on both sides and at the same time it offers panoramic and magnificent views on each side.

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