Modern Bath Faucets

Modern bathroom faucets are all the more particularly interesting this way because of the fact that they have a very simple and lustrous design. They are not very flashy and opulent but they are simple and elegant in a simple way.

The Moppich faucet features a classical design with a little touch of industrial. In this case the result is a simple but very beautiful and pleasant design. The design is simple and masculine with a little element of technology. The spout can be extended from both sides with 1/4?ers screws. The spout provides hot water and the end result is a very accessible and very practical design, perfect for large bathrooms.

The Moppich faucet is handcrafted in San Atelier, as the piece you see here is almost 2 feet tall. It has a sleek and sculptural look. The spout extends from the center through a generous opening, approximately 4 inches deep. The spout is made of stainless steel and has a white finish on top and a chrome-polished finish on the exterior. The spout is delivered in 5 to 12 inches of reach. The faucet is not provided with a pull-out spray nozzle but a four-inchduty hose for hanging your bathroom faucet. Because it is delivered in 24-inch sections, it’s less noisy than other faucets and a much less efficient design that could disturb the peace and the environment. You can buy the Moppich for a price between $49.99 and $54.99.

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