Modern Home Siding In Australia

Located in Sydney, Australia, this house has very modern fireplaces. The residence was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects and the interior was designed by Luigi Rosselli. The minimalist white walls of the house create the perfect background for the modern concrete pieces. The combination of materials is both simple and complex. The materials also help create a geometrical and modern image that suits the residence well.

Even though minimalist, this is a very inviting house. The simple décor creates a sense of happiness and is also a strong décor for the whole house. The furniture is minimalist and modern. The shelves are very simple and so are the chairs and the table. The living area is spacious and it features a concrete floor with a simple and raw-angle sofa in there.

Modern Home Siding In Australia Photo 2

The wooden floors make this area cozy and welcoming. The residence was designed as a flexible space with an open plan kitchen connected to a dining room. There’s a total of nine bathrooms in the house. They are all spacious and uncluttered. The interior is elegant but simple. There are wood features throughout the rooms, in the form of tiles, details and sofas. The same wooden floor continues from the kitchen to the laundry room. The rooms are all interconnected. The house also has an open plan living area with a polished concrete floor. There’s also a separate dining room and a separate lounge area.

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