Modern Concrete House Plans With An Unusual, Avant-garde Look

The Week House is a concrete house located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and designed by eco-three. Working with a studio specialised in innovative sustainable building solutions, the team envisioned the house to be all about nature, with respect for the elements present in the construction but also about the small details. Plywood and corrugated cardboard panels grow through the house, forming a facade with a geometric flair to its interiors.

The green roof lets in plenty of sunlight while the concrete roof frames lush views of the valley. The harmonious relationship between the house and the nature seek a positive state of balance. The harmonious look is reinforced through a simple and abstract decor motif, complete with the use of plants. The asymmetrical geometry of the facade creates a sense of order within the space and ties the facade together harmoniously, forming a modern look that suits the contemporary vibe the home is shooting to create.

Given that the house is designed with a prefab structural design, the fact that there is no need for a manual structure is a great thing. These structural elements are made of concrete and plywood and act as a link between the house’s interior and the natural environment surrounding the house. The stairs made of these materials connect the two cantilevered volumes and bring forward strong elements of steel.

The steel panels also let in a certain amount of glass, opening up the living areas towards the serene lake and the city skyline. Just like the outside walls, the lines and the materials used in the house follow one another, creating the result of careful blending of shapes, colors and textures. Despite the restraint color palette, the materials and tones throughout the house are diverse and beautiful at the same time.

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