Orange And Grey Living Rooms, A Mix-of-curves Effect

We have already discussed earlier with designs for a tropical island-style interior décor but what about in a white living room? The advantage of having such a décor is that you get to combine multiple colors so it’s easier to distinguish different moods and styles. Also, lots of playful or fun designs are available.

Monochromatic rooms are also easier to create. Even a white room can still feel bright and airy if each one has a unique and very clear color or tone. This room has lots of character. The striped cushions and the artwork that comes with them are just two of the great characteristics. In this case the décor is very nicely balanced. The colors are the same throughout the room and the combination is just beautiful and stylish.

I particularly like how airy the space is. The living room is not particularly large but the dining room and the kitchen share the same surface and the peach room is no exception either. The designers somewhat or surprise the users with some coffee tables in the living room, sometimes featuring unusual finishes or drawings. The colors are also simple but not without character.There is a playful design for the walls featuring bold colors, colorful patterns and interesting combination of matte and glossy finishes.

Orange And Grey Living Rooms, A Mix-of-curves Effect Photo 3

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