Bathroom Radiator Towel Rail Cushions

From time to time people decorate their bathroom. For those who enjoy decorating their bathroom it’s a great opportunity to try and create a more elaborate interior design. It’s what brings users to the modern trends in every field. This bathroom towel rail cushions are a very good example in this case. It’s so simple and yet so sophisticated. It’s a simple and chic accent item for the décor.

These bathtub tray cushions have a simple and yet very suggestive design. They are simple and stylish, with a sleek shape and a lovely design. These trays are actually towel rail replacements and they are handcrafted from teak. They can be seat inside the bathtub tray or can be part of the bathroom faucet. The pattern is simple and it repeats in all the the cases, even on small tiles. The originality of this bathtub tray was created by moulding it to square slabs. It’s an unusual design but it would also create a very beautiful and pleasant interior décor, the type that everyone likes to look at and that suits this room very well.

The trays are handcrafted from teak and the colors used are vibrant and fresh. It’s a combination that is not very common but it suits this décor very well. The trays are great for storing towels and other items. You can sue them as storage spaces for all sorts of small items. Their transparent nature allows you to avoid all the common storage solutions. However, a simple solution might be practical. These trays are now complimented with the possibility of integrating two matching shoe bins.Available on site.

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