Small Urinal By Eleek

A limited edition event from Copenhagen Design Week was just presented this year at the Danish Design Accreditation 2008. The award for best small bathroom in the magazine was given to a series of mosaic mirrors which used an extremely innovative method of glazing. The innovative technique of glazed glass represents the “sweet tooth” of designer Peter Sukrachand. Believe it or not, these mirrors are produced by Austrian based Eleek. The winner of the 2008 award for best small bathroom in Danish design this is not only the smallest bathroom in the world but also one of the biggest.

The mirror is made from sheets of glass painted with striped stripes. The pattern is a classic and this proves that beautiful glass mirrors can be the center of attention in a room jazzed up by combining this type of material with others. The small bathroom in featured only measures 14×14 m (45×45 ft). It’s all about simplicity and elegance.

Small Urinal By Eleek Photo 2

The mosaic mirrors come in several sizes. You can choose between the single-lever or the double-lever mirror, according to the space you want your mirror to be placed in. The oval mirror is 28.25mm and the egg mirror is 31.5mm. Use the same method to create a large mirror, maybe as many times as you want, with one of these mini rectangular frames.

Small Urinal By Eleek Photo 3

Small Urinal By Eleek Photo 4

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