Vintage Console Sink

The sink from the bathroom is usually small compared to other models. It’s not functional or very practical but it looks chic and stylish nonetheless. The Venezia console sink is definitely not like other modern products. It looks like it’s been made from a piece of furniture and this makes it even more appealing. The sink, as you can see, is not very small. It measures 5.5?w x 5.5?d x 19?h and it’s very beautiful and sleek.

The console is made entirely of natural slate which is a very good choice material for this type of furniture. It’s a washable porcelain, non-toxic material that has a unique texture and a beautiful natural look. The sink is not included so you’ll need to choose the piece yourself. The sink is available in a variety of colors like Bone, Cala, Champagne Umbrella, Ivory, Blue, Red, Brass, White or Tyronine.

The 150 year old wine barrels that house the wine cellar are another of the antique pieces. They are beautiful and would make a charming addition to any traditional home. The dining table is actually an extension of the cabinet. The dining table is very elegant and has a simple and chic design. The cabinet is very convenient. The internal wood storage is very convenient and there’s also a leather belt covering the internal structure. This one-of-a-kind piece of art is unique and original and it reflects the beauty and good taste that the antique furniture usually offers.

Vintage Console Sink Photo 3

There’s also another version presented before. This one includes a different version of the same basic design. Again, the internal storage is identical to the one in the cabinets. The internal shelves and ceiling shelves have different heights. The middle shelf measures 7 feet and the high one was increased to 9 feet by making a smaller unit. The wine storage containers are a very chic idea as the chosen containers have a vintage look. This allows them to be the stars of the décor. Overall, this is a very elegant and stylish bathroom vanity that would look beautiful in a traditional home.

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