Cheap Cube Organizer And Bottom Shelf

In the house there are a lot of things that need to be stored. Usually, these items need to be stored on a wall. The last place that you need to keep organized is in the storage of books and other similar items. This space needs to be as simple as possible. This means that you should try to store all the items that don’t really belong there and that are no longer needed. This way you can have a clean and organized place, with everything clean and nicely organized. The idea for the project that you made on hometalk is simple and it might not work for all the rooms or spaces that you have in mind.

The key to a well-organized shelving system is knowing how to use it and how to repurpose it. For example, in this case we have an Ikea spice rack that was used as a storage unit for three tall books. The used for three other shelves and also one for the TV. They were taken apart and the end unit became a nice rolling storage unit with several open compartments. It also got four nice open shelves and four closed ones for the cvers. The books were all placed one on top of the other and used to store and display them. It’s a great solution for small rooms or bedrooms. Have fun coming up with your own storage system for this space.

The dimensions of this piece are 15.5L x 16.2W x 13.25H. It’s easy to make and very functional. It’s also a creative way of storing all the items. The bookshelves can be locked so you never find anything and you always know where to look for an item when you visit an estate.Available for 810$.

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