Japanese Floor Plan

The Jain series by Jain is one of the latest trends in interiors. Jain is a very innovative series of seating furniture that was designed with a large emphasis on comfort and the court. The seating is very sturdy and graceful but also quite rugged. The concept is quite appealing and a little intimidating because the first glance might scare you off at first but that’s the way to go. Not many people would think to relax like Jain because for many, their silhouettes figures might be enough to disturbing. The court image might also be a little intimidating because it doesn’t respect the ground like a responsible person would do.

The court surrounding the seating is imposing but there are also parts of the court that seem very soft and comfortable. This seating concept is actually inspired by but it doesn’t necessarily follow the same principles as the seating in a court. The way you perceive the whole picture when you’re sitting in it can be deceiving if you don’t see the big picture full of color or if you’re not preoccupied with the comfort level of the pieces of furniture.{pictures from L’ XV and D’ 2012 and found on contemporist}.

Japanese Floor Plan Photo 3

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