Subway Tile In Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms are usually perceived as being the heart of the house and that’s in fact the reason why tiles in this area are so popular. It’s not the best option for areas with difficult access such as a house or an apartment that need the tiles to match something else because you can’t just take them in there. So the reality is that tiles can be very versatile and you can use them for just about anything, including bathroom furniture.

Here are a few examples of how you can change the look of your bathroom by simply painting the tiles.This is a fresh change of look for bathrooms and this is what strategy the designers set up. This is not a classic tile makeover. It’s a variation on the traditional bathroom. The walls have been painted white and several small accessories and fixtures have also been added. White floor tiles have been used for the old vanity and the countertop. The sink has a beautiful mirror that reflects the wooden ceiling beams. This way the contrast is not so strong but there’s also a harmonious and inviting look.

Obviously, this is not a makeover. It’s more a complete makeover of the old vanity. It also has a new look and a completely different design. The sink and the cabinet have been enlarged as well. Also, the cabinets have been replaced and now they serve as functional storage compartments for towels, bath supplies and other things. This way there’s a clear distinction between the private areas and the public ones. It’s a really unique renovation.

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