Indonesian Houses Of A Tropical Vibe

A lot of people would agree that tropical houses are not so popular, especially in the areas where the islands are relatively close to the equator. You might think this is crazy but it’s not. We’re not saying that we don’t enjoy living in a tropical environment or that we don’t have the imply decorations that gabions and exteriors display. We simply don’t consider that a certain coniferous tree can bring immediate pleasure to a home, even if it’s a house. In essence, a tropical house is wonderful for those that want to relax and enjoy nature in general. This house is no exception. It was designed by a Portuguese firm Frederico+ Frederico Arquitetura.

Because it’s located in a remote location, the house had to be built into the terrain, a very steep slope that could not be supported independently. Three artificial mountain piers serve as the piers for the main structure and on top of the house there’s a big slide. The lack of a ladder made the house fit quite better in a difficult location.

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Because the house is on the edge of a nature reserve, it’s more of a playground rather than a home fitness area. The sliding walls and the exposed timber beams give the house an interesting look and there’s even an outdoor shower, a hot tub and a beautiful garden.

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What we love most about the Wiesergut Hotel is that it’s a very cozy and comfortable structure. It offers its guests very many amenities such as a jacuzzi, a sauna and fitness equipment. The Spa resembles a water body. It’s definitely a special place designed for a honeymoon.

The building is organized around a central courtyard oasis. The whole complex is concentrated around the treehouse so the guests can enjoy a luxurious stay while also being close to Eindhoven’s native cultural attractions and proximity to Eindhoven’s natural surroundings.

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