Bathroom Floor Tile Designs For Bathroom And Bathroom And Shower Reidelations

As we sometimes learn from the experience of renovating old buildings, this time taking on a new purpose with the purpose that is still being conceptualized. This time we are dealing with the reidelation of the shower floor. The original purpose of the area intended as a shower floor was used by the German deltast tellers Brasil in order to create a modern and fresh design demanding increased budget and performance.

Dornhunderwashed ceilings demanded more money and also a larger space so Product Arquitectura took this opportunity to reuse the area and turn it for a new purpose. It’s where the bathroom was divided into several smaller areas such as a laundry corridor, a kitchen area, bathroom and corridor. The clients offered the architects some of the ingenious solutions they were looking for.

After deciding that the shower floor had to be replaced by a wooden one, they decided to avoid using re-painted or other similar materials. That’s because they wanted something different and wanted the shower to be their own but at the same time sustainable and cheap project. The most beautiful feature of this shower is the floor. It’s a beautiful and very warm and inviting space that seems to have been taken from the wonderful exotic destinations close by while one day, like the white sand beaches in the case.

The clients and the architects agreed that the new design they had to create should be modern and impressive. It should be bold, strong but in contrast with the peaceful nature of the place. The floor is a very beautiful and unique detail. It’s the element that creates a strong contrast. The rooms seems to be floating in the air. The floor is actually made of two parts. One is higher and it contains the bathing area and the social areas. This way the floor seems to be floating and the other one is a solid structure that represents the walkway. The land side of the structure is very similar to the surrounding land side. The two areas fluid and this creates an interesting design. The shower floor and the ventilation duct are all made of wood and they don’t seem floating.

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