Stainless Steel Door Pulls For The Bathroom

Thanks to the wonderful nature of stainless steel, showers are no longer just a shower where you take a shower. They can now be quickly and well controlled and they are often supposed to provide you the bathroom with the right kind of warm feeling. But lately stainless steel has started to enter in the interior design of the room. We have the technology to test the door pulls and see what it really looks like at first sight. With a stainless steel door for example we have a nice and rustic-industrial décor ready to be tested in the shower.

These doors feature a beautiful combination of steel and glass. The door is part of a unique collection of doors called Shells. They have each been hand carved by artisans. The door pulls are very beautiful as well. They have a vintage and even antique allure and this makes them extremely versatile. They look beautiful in the shower and this is something that most new construction doors tend to take into account. The door hardware is also very eye-catching.

The final image of the door is not only impressive, but also very inspiring. All one thing that can be said about this type of designs is that they are practical and they take full advantage of every inch of space they occupy. In the bathroom the main thing to keep in mind when designing a perfect shower is to be careful to have enough space for the plumbing and the handle without to exaggerate. A shower corner will definitely be an advantage in this case. The material is the same for door pulls and the design is very simple. The important thing is that you can customize it and find the perfect style that suits you perfectly.

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