Outdoor Wood Flooring By By By Paul Toiris

Brendan Kwinter and Paul Toiris have created a very interesting and unexpected design for the flooring they’re using in their Hoopers House and Neckus House. The two architects worked together and managed to come up with this unusual design. The house is situated in a clearing in DeuCosy, Belgium and the interior is entirely built around it. There’s not a lot of vegetation around it but the floor is very quiet. It’s the perfect environment for a casual outdoor design.

In other words, the living area has floor to ceiling glass walls and that completely changes the way this space looks and feels. We also enjoy the fact that outside there’s a big and modern lounge area. It has relaxing views over the forest and blacked expanses of green. The wooden flooring is the element that most of the times make the owners feel comfortable just watching the wood Grain project. The interior is a combination of casual and also elegant. The chairs are comfy and cozy and the small stone fireplace is a spectacular focal point for the area.

Outdoor Wood Flooring By By By Paul Toiris Photo 2

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