Rustic Wood Plank Pool House

I’ve always said that people should build things in mind only when they are ready to live with their lives and tried to make them able to use everything they have. That’s really quite poetic, but what’s going to make this story even clearer is that people should just stop making things perfect because they never know when they’re going to need it. They should build things in the first place. For example this rustic wood plank pool house is not built from scratch, but it only preserves the original look. It was a great idea for a while and then a while ago the whole place was in danger of being wiped down clean.

Well, things changed fast, after the lead was discovered and the beautiful natural features the owners retained with the new design. Now this unique place is used as a summer house, but also as a summer retreat, to bring up a family of four. The house is located in Bend, in North Idaho, USA. It was originally built back in 1965 and it stands out for the way it ties together roots and lifestyle. It’s a great example of sustainability, mostly because it can be two completely different styles and one is more nature-oriented. The other one is more modern and the other is more industrial.

Furthermore, the most beautiful part is the fact that the pool is in a covered, almost invisible, inner space, without railings or walls, being what it is today.The wooden deck is integrated in the outermost part of the house, a great way to have a cooling dip whenever the sun is up in the sky. It also brings residents and visitors more natural light while providing great views.

Rustic Wood Plank Pool House Photo 3

The interior follows the same pattern of this natural pattern with a simple and modern décor. The house has two stories and one of them is actually a two-storey space with a shower that opens to a small private garden in the living area and a glass wall that allows those in the house and those outside from feeling a sort of intimacy and comfort.{pics by Marko Simraz + Eduardo Berarducci}.

Rustic Wood Plank Pool House Photo 4

Rustic Wood Plank Pool House Photo 5

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