Painted Shiplap Walls To Complement The Country House

Though a by-product of developing the city, a house’s character remains risky. Nevertheless, the owners of this family-owned house held several secrets and had great taste for great design. They were very open to the process and immediately lit the room with their pieces, just like Michel did. We now see that any creativity goes beyond the square or the standard.

The house is characterized by its beautiful brick walls. The owners used to have large windows in order to let in natural light. However, they wanted some intimacy and brightness inside, so shared the house with parents and their kids. The open kitchen, dining and living area has large doors that allow you to see the garden and everything in front of you without having to open the door.

Painted Shiplap Walls To Complement The Country House Photo 3

The house has excellent outdoor features. First of all, it has a wooden deck from which you can enjoy the views to the outside world. Another great feature is the shower which is raised over the leaning ground, being like a sculpture to the outside area. The exquisite garden was warmed up by a lot of wooden floors and by a lot of vegetation. The garden is very large, with terra-cotta tiles, a design by the London-based design studio Currey Andrii.

Pictures by: Mo Lee

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