Hotspot Houses By Sebastián Irarráz

These trendy homes are ready to spruce up the biouse in your living room – there’s no better way to do it than with some modern flair, and the fire place blends right in the home. The terrace turned into a guest house was designed by Architects Sebastián Irarráz, and it’s perfect for housing visiting artists who wish to relax and have a break from the city.

As you stand in the thicket, you see, you don’t know what to expect from the structure of the “fireplace”, as requested by the homeowners. You though it’s not a permanent “fireplace”, so you might as well give it a head start on fire. Just throw the wood fire into the patio and the space will instantly start a cozy fire, just like you went through a Pergola Paradise. Now, you see, you can have a BBQ on any regular and warm-colored patio – anything goes. And in the drink tank, you have a clear plastic refue to clean after the rain which means you can refill a bottle without a problem. Just refill the bottle when done right, and it’s ready to be stacked in your home. Just what you need for your refresh.

Hotspot Houses By Sebastián Irarráz Photo 2

At the back of the home in the photo above, you see the fireplace. But not only does it look great in the sleek modern home, it also offers a safe refuge from the elements when the walding hot tub is not being used. Quite brilliant if a temporary space for friends or a romantic getaway for yourself.

See? That’s what I like about this change in ofity. Those river rocks are pretty much the poor from the bath, but the rock garden is a whole other thing. Can you just scale them like wilderness, beneath this new, crisp frame? That’s how much I love a home with that kind of space for the enhancement and calming effect.

Have you ever tried a swing before? It looks so pure and dreamy. BTW, we think it’d be just as relaxing and calming as if you were swinging away from the reality.

Homedit once again showcased this home’s interiors at the 2018 Salone del Mobile. Again, we fell in love with the home’s ultra minimalist decor and futuristic look. And this one feels much more contemporary and cleanlier.

The designers from Project Aureia have made the most of minimal living in recent years by extending the minimalist style with space-saving furniture and design features such as floating shelves. It’s no wonder this sleek, white interior is the best space-saving retreat you’ll ever see.

Floating shelving may not seem like much at all, but architect Paul Jones cleverly designed this house including some really great pieces of furniture on top. Some fold down tables and desk chairs are built-in, and a fold-down bed provides extra sleeping quarters.

Tiny but very stylish, this small home is actually an art studio/handcrafted home office. The lightness suits it well, as it contrasts beautifully with the rough concrete and iron shapes that frame it. And all the drawers and other storage areas are perfectly sized for holding all your supplies.

Here’s another small but simply great office space. Again, minimalism fits quite nicely into this home studio apartment. There’s plenty of space on the walls, the furnishings are kept to a minimum, and there’s even a coffee table that fits nicely beside the desk.

This is one of the most organically designed garage nurseries we’ve seen. Again, designers created two separate garages for storage, but this design also includes a multifunctional elevated wood deck that makes it perfect for lounging or reading. There’s even a little yard and a swimming pool to go along with it.

Even the parking area has had its own dedicated parking space where the entire family can gather for a leisurely dinner or two. Either way, it’s got a modern design, which means that it’s suited for multiples family needs.

We hope you enjoyed these small design choices because they’ve become inspiration for lots of great designs and styles throughout the world. Feel free to tell us about your favorites below.

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