Kohler Free Standing Tubs – The Leaning Tower

We now live in a contemporary world that allows us to relax and to have fun, whether we go on the main terrace, play pool, have a nice talk in the garden or have a fancy party. So it’s important that we have a relaxing bath while talking about comfort and looks, so the bath tub should be chosen according to those criteria. And, if you think you don’t have anything important to say, take a look at this beautiful tub. It’s shaped like a tower and it’s located in Liebenach, in the Netherlands.

Measuring something like 140 cm by 110 cm, the bath tub has an unusual design. It’s covered with a thick and also very comfortable fabric, called Leaning Tower. The most unusual feature would be the fact that the tub and the sink are suspended. This means that people sit on the lower end of the step that measures approximately 100 cm. The same model also comes with padded cushions that measure 10 kg. The overall dimensions of the freestanding bath tub is 140 x 140 x 110 cm.

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