Small Modern Wood Stove By Frédéric Flanquart

For those who love the wood’s warmth, color and casual appearance, the cosy atmosphere and all the things that characterize it will definitely make you feel very nice and feel at home. It will probably be a permanent part of your life and perhaps this should be the inspiration for your eventual living room décor designer.

French interior designer Frédéric Flanquart has created a new kind of home, a kind that will make you feel eager to have a home in a house of your house for sale. It is called “The Shack” and it was inspired by the famous traveling architects by Pierre-Yves Proustain, whose interesting drawings made from clay appear in those days. What made the designer choose to explore wood is the artistic side of the human mind and its relation with the organic world around us.

His creations speak of the same ideas that inspired his works and are inspired not only by nature but also by furniture. The Shack is a wooden residence that was built on a carpet of reinforced concrete. It gathers more obscure designs and colors but the main idea behind this project was to create a comfortable and modern place for living.

Thus, the designer created a space full of light that seems to be created by a pile of reeds. It houses the fireplace and the storage with all its cracks and junctions. A carpet of natural acrid steam is present all over the place, which makes you feel really nice and relaxed. Actually we can say that the bathroom is actually made of different materials, like: a metal frame, some wood strips which were used to make a shower enclosure, a stone veneer, some epoxy resin and ecores and, of course, the floor. You can enjoy the peaceful ambiance that you build up in the house by using tiles in different colors and with different textures.

Small Modern Wood Stove By Frédéric Flanquart Photo 4

And, for those who want to spend great moments at this villa, here is the perfect place for them: you can have a great modern family without having to give up any comfort or luxury. The design is completed by Hôtel Hicks and was inspired by the “industrial chic” of the 1960’s. Impressive and inviting, with its wide plank floors and big windows, the house is the best location to enjoy some great summer parties and great parties with your loved ones.

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