Woodlike Tiles Custom Made Bathroom Countertops

Wood is a very beautiful material and very common in all kinds of interiors. But there’s something about the texture of the wood that makes it look and feel so warm and cozy and a lot more beautiful than simple surfaces can be. So it’s important for the bathroom to be included in this collection. It’s a collection of wood and tiles that features a beautiful and very simple texture, very similar to the wood itself. The wood that’s used for the countertops is very strong without being so robust that it becomes an accent feature for the whole room.

The wood used here is strong without having to fir tree trunks or other materials. It was used here for the tiles and the way they are used here to create some contrast with the dark wood that covers most of the walls and also the simple design and details. The whole bathroom countertop is handcrafted with local stone in the mountain side of Girona. It features natural and vintage timbers and the whole unit looks like a canvas.

The countertop is very small and measures only a few inches across. This is actually a perfect match for modern and contemporary bathrooms. The shape and design blend in perfectly and all the elements made from the same materials and the result is a very harmonious and visually pleasant balance. The stone found on the construction of this countertop is an exquisite feature and a must-have from most modern and contemporary bathrooms.

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