Alpine Mountain Chalet That Feels Like An Oasis In The Middle Of The Swiss Alps

Some people get really creative when it comes to luxury ski chalet, and this Alpine chalet is no exception. Built from the 12th or 15th century Alpine stone homes and chalets, the Chalet du Chateau du Chantau is a beautiful spot to rest, relax and enjoy the solitude of a traditional chalet. Built from wood, stone and hand-selected Alpine stone, the chalet features a contemporary interior that pays homage to the local craftsmen and artisans mentioned at the base of the design.

The visual appeal of this project is really impressive, and it can be hard to understand the appeal given by the exterior design of it. On the inside, the wooden exterior is further enhanced with the high ceiling and stonework, bricks, and natural materials. In short, it makes sense to create a home that has all the intricate details of a structure that have rich and beautiful foundations. With a total of 300 square meters of living space, the Chalet du Chantau is a comfortable and beautiful place to call home.

The fact that it is built on a large site with beautiful mountain views, offers it a very private location, which is crucial given that the area surrounding the chalet. The architectural and design elements help it integrate into the natural surroundings on a minimal level, while having a clear purpose: the windows allow for the panoramic views while the stone facades aid in creating a unique impression of the exterior, while the green of the trees that border the chalet take the form of its architecture.

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