Indian Home Design In Brazil

A contemporary house is the dream home of many of us. It’s a home, a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Sometimes, the concept seems too vague, a concept that has nothing in common with the client. However, when you finally get to with the house in your own city and take it from an unfettered view, not even a trace from the exterior can be a part of your image. This house was designed by Bernardes Arquitetura and practically bursts with light. It was built as a huge box, with a minimalist exterior and nothing in the tiniest detail.

Not only the main walls are covered with glass panels and mirrors. The entryway frames a view of lush gardens that blend beautifully with the structure of the house. The main living spaces are situated on the first floor. Here, the stairs again stand out creating a sense of the cheerful and social environment yet maintaining a connection with the exterior.

Indian Home Design In Brazil Photo 2

The circular structure of the main house continues all the way up to the rooftop deck. Upstairs you can find two spacious bedrooms suites, each with a soothing lavender curtain on its long vertical hallway.

Indian Home Design In Brazil Photo 3

The bedrooms also have balconies with wooden lath, thus making the spa a beautiful relaxing space to consider their location and surroundings.

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