Pottery Barn Benchwright Table By Andrew Myers

Created by Andrew Myers, the charming and unique benchRight chair has a strange look and an ingenious and creative design. The bench has the form composed of four long triangles attached to a short section of the rectangular panel. It’s tight and delicate, both inside and outside. A series of different angles and fin-like accessories give the chair its intriguing look. The eye-catching look is enhanced by the polyurethane resin seat. It’s complemented by the polyurethane cushions in actual sizes.

Andrew Myers came up with the idea for his own lovely bench. It’s called Pumpkin and it has an almost antique look. It’s a two-person comfortable bench both made of cotton and wood. The mini cupboards used to make the comfortable seats are an interesting detail. Also, the wooden legs that make the benches stand out also contribute to an overall unique look. The orange shade of the seat Giovinego transformed these benches into the main focal point of this project.

Pottery Barn Benchwright Table By Andrew Myers Photo 4

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