Stair Step Shelves By Growtha Charthedgeweber

Today we would like to present you a simple and chic item that can be used as a stair handrail. It is not only very functional, but it’s a beautiful piece that can be very artistic for your home. The design is simple and contemporary and once you get to see it you must have the impression you want to get to have seen it.

It was designed by risef birde , but you can also find it in German. What it does is to convert a normal stool into a beautiful stair handrail by giving it a new design. The stool is designed by Core-System, with an innovative construction, using the concept of using a moulded fiber as material. The stringer is supported by a metal structure, looking like a support structure of pencil stick.

The interesting thing about this stair handrail is that it is made of wood and it has an artisanal finish. The material used is also a mixture of wood and steel plus the handle. It is simple and chic, almost minimalist in terms of design. The lovely thing about it is that it can be made in different sizes – 2 1/2?, 2?, 4?, 5 – 9/16? and so on. You can choose the size that you like best and, as the table below shows, you can even combine it with other materials if it’s part of a similar collection.Available for 395$.

Don’t be afraid to put your creativity to good use and to always come up with a different ways to display your staircase pieces. For example, the staircase below shows a very interesting structure in the form of a stairwell that extends up to the ceiling. It’s a clever use of space and it looks very good. The handrail is beautifully made out of wood and it extends seamlessly without creating a crowded design.Available for 1490$.

Stair Step Shelves By Growtha Charthedgeweber Photo 4

Stair Step Shelves By Growtha Charthedgeweber Photo 5

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