Kitchen Islands With Wheels So They Can Be Easily And Easily Aligned

This is a set of several kitchen islands with wheels so they can be organized in multiple configurations. The designs are irregular and unusual and the combinations are versatile. These islands are called Slicers and they were designed by Geert Grassmann. The creation was named locally the Combusta and it’s a collection of small kitchen islands perfect for the kitchen.

The multiple possible configurations can be further subdivided and combined to create all sorts of elements. This particular island, for example, can be used both as a prep sink and as a bar. It can be integrated in either case and it can be heated or cooled by either the kitchen island or sink. Moreover, it can serve as a work surface. The multiple functionalities that can be employed to create a versatile design are perfect for small kitchen. The sink is a multifunctional surface and the counter becomes an important bar as well.

The bar can be easily integrated in the kitchen island or in a small wall unit and the rest of the décor as well. It can be used for prep while bar making it a wonderful bar. The versatility of the designs allows you to use it in multiple ways and for the same purposes, in various different decors and in various types of spaces.{found on popg)

Kitchen Islands With Wheels So They Can Be Easily And Easily Aligned Photo 3

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