Glass Living Room Table By Marta Wengler

Living room is a used place where we are busy just a few minutes. This will be the place where we are watching, reading, meditating or just watching the surroundings and we do not want to miss all the articles we read in the magazine. Even if we are not at home, we still need some desk space and a very important item in the room: the table.

In my case this table will definitely not go where you have not space for it. However, not only this table has legs, but this also makes it easy to place it in the corner when you want to use it. It is actually made of wood and this makes it a sturdy item, like a box, that you can close and move easily when you do not need it.

The legs may be made of metal or plastic, but the overall design is made of laminate composite. This design is available online now for $9. Untitled designs, available on other sites. For $9.SITA you can choose to purchase some interesting shapes like the flowers in order to add some color or a more sophisticated tone of blue for example. Good luck!

Glass Living Room Table By Marta Wengler Photo 3

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