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It’s still summer and this holiday season seems to be very happy about the huge number of people who come together and enjoy each other’s company. Even though a lot of people prefer the same temperatures that we are already using, we are all searching for a different way of keeping warm. For the contrary, there is also another method, more unconventional and quite original, very much appreciated by both kids and adults.

If you come across any site belonging to the Anders family, you noticed the same result on a different scale. That’s because this family seems to have taken a different approach when it comes to winter decorations. As you can see, the main elements are simple, but they are also unconventional.

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This seems to be the inspiration source for the current theme chosen for this house. It’s a summer and holiday house located in California. The main idea for the design was to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere using colors inspired by the northern lights. It’s why the main piece is an outdoor covered bed area with comfortable chairs and sofas.

The interior of the house is also simple but this doesn’t make it less inviting and relaxing. In fact, the simpler the better. The house has a wooden rain chain and an incandescent lighting system. The lighting is placed at the center and above the stairs. There’s another particularly interesting detail about this place. It’s actually not that complicated if you look at it from above. The house basically uses shades as an accent and star temmo mugs.

If you’re not worried about privacy, you can even use such semi-private spaces as guest accommodations. A kitchen area with a semi-private seating space could be just right. You could also use this area for informal gathering spaces. You could hide the sofas under the seating area or create a cozy corner under the floating staircase.{found on whitehouseblog}.

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