Ceramic Wood Tiles By Sophie Bodin

I’ve always liked tiles that have a nice and interesting patterns. They are both simple and artistic and can’t help but attract us. That is why I especially enjoy ceramic tiles. They are very versatile and helpful, helping to create beautiful patterns and designs in our homes. I prefer simple things that have a simple pattern on them. So ceramic tiles are my choice.

My local stores offer them in a beautiful set of colors and all featuring different colors on each tile. To make them you can need a sheet of ceramic tile, sandpaper and sponge-paint. The sponge-paint technique is very useful because it allows you to get rid of small spots that you might get on your simple dishes without making a mess.

So the next time you’re cooking for a family or a friend that doesn’t have proper bathroom furniture and accessories you can find a whole different solution. Use the terracotta pots to create a nice design for your bathroom tile. It will look like a funny upside. This way you will be able to make a lot of unique designs and still have plenty of room for your bathroom accessories.

Ceramic Wood Tiles By Sophie Bodin Photo 3

Ceramic Wood Tiles By Sophie Bodin Photo 4

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