Lacava Sink Faucet By BiItalia – New Enigma Bathroom Faucet Series

Laced towards the boundary of Portland, Oregon, the Enigma bathroom faucet series is a modern twist on a traditional bathroom faucet. The modern twist is achieved by an innovative composition of divergent parts that create a fluidity and a coordinated look. These parts link with one another via a joystick operation, and they contain a wide range of faucets for customisation. But the whole point is not to say that this faucet is simplistic, but rather to emphasise its individual beauty. With depth layers the faucets don’t compromise the purity of black or white design, and you can simply turn the splash into an interesting feature. The finish is then asymmetrical, and lever operated, with lever back on each spout. The Enigma bathroom faucet line is available from BiItalia.

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