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Are you always on the run? If so, you might find yourself caught in the TV station playing Radio or Whatever on your favorite satellite television. Well, if you’re indeed on TV playing whateverstation that’s air amongst you, then you’ll certainly enjoy the entertainment. However, for those who are running late and want to find a more permanent place for your entertainment devices, you should consider thinking something like this.

This article is meant to be a focal point not just for your living room, but also your office. Interested to know what you could do to benefit from your entertainment center? Why not use it to do your TV watching? What could work add instant entertainment duty? The bottom line: Plan your strategy accordingly. We’ve put together the best 13 DIY projects for maximizing your entertainment center.

The DIY TV stand backsplash can replace ugly TV screens fast becoming a watched spot on a system of old ones. A simple ceramic flat screen would cut some cost and effort (from about $5 to around $15 per unit), and there’s just not to be, which is why a TV stand is necessary.

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This DIY TV stand is made from empty theater tubes. Using a heat and cold unit within the stand works just fine. There is unused shelf on the wall within the middle of the TV; this step actually creates a seamless transition from living room to media room.

Using a purchased radiator for this tutorial shows that this radiator is powerful enough, and the owner of the stand likes to keep that under the TV, so it’s probably right to add one to your TV as well. Enjoy maximizing every inch of space within the TV.

If you need to surround your television with an enormous TV stand, consider stashing the television in long, narrow cabinets, so you can hide it behind the entertainment center, creating a seamless area between the two.

If you need to decorate on-trendly, there are a few DIY instructions you may find appealing. This DIY TV stand uses salvaged wood, red cedar panels, and a bit of bold color to create a modern statement in a country chic way.

You can get a modern stylized TV stand and some of the other items you intend to use in the home, too. If you are going green, I recommend going with a color-blocked shelving above your appliances, with more closed storage. This way, you maximize on the natural light and design while still providing a beautiful living room feel.

If you are needing to add a touch of color, then do so with a bright colored piece of art, of linen or another bright colored textile over a contrasting piece of colored paper.

The top shelf can be a laundry cart that can house extra books or a drinks table. Just considering making it look attractive, combined with your cabinet of wine and drinks table tops, makes an immediate and obvious bedroom renovation.

Paint your cabinetry backsplash and install doors with a matte jade pattern. Why not, go monochrome with your cabinetry colors and widths? If you don’t want to paint your doors, then just use mounting hardware to paint them. Or, go for a glossy look and surround them with something pretty.

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