Sofa Trend At Its Sharpest At The ‘T’ In New York City

It is always interesting when someone designs something out of the ordinary and makes it stand out, when someone makes a daring and unusual combination, when someone manages to surprise us with an unusual design, when furniture items that look Like They’re Spooky, Funny or Snow… Every one of these new sofa trends is unique, each one having its own place in the world and having to be combined in order to make a living room look awesome. The Segev – Skellipool sofa collection from Riva 1920 seems to be the most relevant example.

The sofa collection from Riva 1920 invites the imagination to go beyond the usual boundaries and to go beyond the boundaries of a domestic space, to step into the animated territory of the city. Thestroneggery sofa offers a modular design that can be adapted according to the customer’s wishes, in order to meet the specific requirements. As the user changes its position and needs, so the sofa will be constantly redesigned and transformed, respecting the changes in the environment.

Thestroeneggery sofa has a modern touch and a chromed steel legs that gives it a sculptural and sculptural appearance. It is the kind of sofa that you forget every day that it’s made solely of adMINX and carbon steel and it will stand by your side no matter whether you’re sitting on it or on armrests and bedding. As you can imagine, a sofa like this offers durability and strength, so you won’t just have to keep this sofa in your home, but also in the city and other similar places. Thestroeneggery is more than an ingenious and smart sofa, as it impresses with its exceptional simplicity and functionality.

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