Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas By DORI Architectural Photography

Folia is a modern concept that replaces the traditional and synthetic bedrooms – with something completely new! The bedroom is now decorated by DORI architectural Photography, who are expecting their first year of work. Located in the well-known Sub-eloa Villa in Athens, Greece, the room was designed as a luxurious retreat space for DORI’s artists Studio and their personalities. And it’s so inspirational, you’ll want to continue to recreate your bedroom there. See more photos here.

The style they came up with goes with a diagonal line construction that contains the main lights. The designer kept best of the pine’s texture and color. And there are subtle hints of classic Greek style throughout – like the leather headboard and the more neutral cushions. And it also sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas By DORI Architectural Photography Photo 2

Bold, bright colors are a plus here. Upholstered headboards and plenty of natural wood adds to the overall feeling of the space. The lamp is more colorful and fun than it seems. And it’s definitely worth the time and effort to make this a real artist’s studio!

And just like the master bedroom, the living room features this fantastic drum pendant chandelier – which is certainly in the modern eclecticyson. What a great way to create a texture – it creates a clean, sharp style without being too hard to accessorizing. And again, it’s such great use of the space by creating a gallery wall around the central feature of the room.

The bedroom also presents a fireplace, which is quite amazing and contrasts beautifully with the navy bedspread and pillows. Use this lying across one of the lounging areas as a focal point.

The family room is a bright space, thanks to the white walls and light wooden furniture. The fireplaces are a traditional feature but, because of the modern styles, they blend well with the designer’s eclectic tastes. The black accents go well with the dark trim around the wall, which brings a dash of drama to the space. The lamp is again an ornate fixture, projecting a long thin light that’ll illuminate the space well.

In the second room, a minimalistic minimalist chair and ottoman make an impression because of the curtained and smooth back and the area rug. The chair is done in a light bank of red, which is a great choice for this minimalist room because the pattern of the piping will play a large role in the rest of the piece.

The next lavender lounge is a perfect place for two, as it creates a gorgeous space for the leather covered club chairs and their oversized wicker style.

And the third room shows that color does the trick. This gorgeous minimalist hallway is a masterpiece of a sofa and of a side table. The red pillows on the striped wall behind the sofa break up the neutral sofas’ crisp graphic, and the white lighting enhances the scheme with every detail.

The kitchen is a contrast of warm and cold tones, so the real winner here is their breakfast bar. By using materials that go so well together, the designer kept to the raw, establishment style and allowed the stainless steel be the center of attention.

Even when the bar stools and counters are closed, the view is the style of the entire home – always in the background!

The loft has room for entertainment, whether it is watching the sports team or just sitting and watching the minimalist white walls, or just a quiet corner for the creative mind.

And here, overlooking the busy city, the white plane is the perfect backdrop for the city skyline. And, if the skyline is not spectacular, the interior offers a dynamic element overlooking the bucoliki-style city.

No doubt, this alfresco living concept is every bit as luxurious. The leather-clad parts without any horizontal details offer a clean look to the space that manages to blend well with any style genre and decor sensibilities. Simply modern chairs in gold are a simple backdrop to the fully painted aluminum sheet!

For more information, visit Antolini Cassina.

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