Heart Shaped Pictures On Wall In New York City’s Times Square Apartment

People have always envied their homes. They wanted it to be large but not tall, cozy but not furnished. But things have changed in a way that made them become different. Now people can obtain what they want without too much effort and money. Here’s another apartment that shows us that hasn’t exactly been luxurious but that has elements that make it special. This time it’s the result of a renovation of an apartment located in New York City’s SoHo district.As soon as you see this one, you get to see what a fulfilling option it is.

The bottom drawer had several purpose and it was a way of putting little stuff and little things together in an original way. The result is very striking. It’s an unusual feeling to feel that you can find beneath all of them. The drawer had been placed elsewhere of the house and it was not meant to be. It was simply a reminder of the apartment it is an apartment. It was just another reminder of a rich and beautiful life.

The result is surprising at this point. The drawer is hiding a very simple and nicely organized storage space. It has vertical shelving that can be accessed all the time and that preserves the original function of the room. On top of that, there is also the top story. It has lateral sliding doors that make the bedroom room temperature decrease when these doors are open and leaves it warmer during the hot summer days.

The element that distinguishes this apartment from all the other ones is the photo cap to the bathroom where the old but beautiful sink and bathtub are still in use. This provides the owners with a chic look in a couple’s new home.{found on alexanderwhite}.

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