Rustic Living Room Design By Shamsudin Kerimov

Shamsudin Kerimov has created a spacious living room, consisting primarily of a central area and a long area within the house. The spacious area consists of an open space living room, a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom. The most significant portion of the house is a south-facing façade, which also serves as the entrance for the large dining area.

The modern shape of the home, though simple, creates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. It is a charming place due to the use of modern materials and a mixture of textures and colors that fit together the parts of the building that make up the JKC series. The furniture is elegant and classic, as soon as you enter the living room, which is also equipped with modern objects of design, but in a delicate tone. The entire home is spread over a surface area of 4, bits, in which there is plenty of space for a sofa, two chairs, a table, two sofas, a dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Rustic Living Room Design By Shamsudin Kerimov Photo 2

The large glass windows and doors are made of wood, but on the other side, in a ceramic kind, which gives a special air to the entire place.

Rustic Living Room Design By Shamsudin Kerimov Photo 3

The furniture, in the case of simple pieces such as the chairs, is completed by some details that stand for a uniform color tone. For example, there’s a nice butterfly chair placed in a corner of the kitchen that fits the room perfectly and goes well in the black leather sofa and the other furniture pieces. The dark blue sofas stand out with their shades of blue and have that frozen feeling that a club chair needs to have.

In the kitchen there’s actually sofas made of bamboo, but have a massive dark finish that made them ooze inviting and warm. The whole space is very elegant and the wooden dining table can ensure a beautiful dining experience for more people. Upstairs, the bedrooms are large and have perfectly chosen furniture pieces, enhanced by the beautiful light that seeps in through the skylights in the windows.{found on freshome}

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