Rustic Home Exterior To Modern Japan

This is a rare but very beautiful rustic house located in northwestern Japan. The house was a project by Alphaville Architects created in collaboration with Junichiro Furada Architects. It’s a very beautiful and inviting house with a simple rustic exterior and a modern and elegant interior.

The interior of the house is warm and cozy. It has wooden floors and columns that make the great accent features and the staircase that connects them both ends.The living room is very large and it has a wall on the side with bookcases where you can store the books. It’s definitely a great extra bedroom. The room is wrapped in wood so it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.Even though air circulates freely, the room doesn’t get hot during winter. It also gets hot in the evening, so it needs proper ventilation in winter.

This is definitely one of the best solutions we’ve found. Not only this type of house but also the way you arrange the rooms as well. Even though it’s rustic and simple, this renovator decided to bring it into the modern household. It’s beautiful and very charming.

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