Small Apartment Designs With Japanese Influences

This cute tiny apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It has only been recently renovated and it has a very colorful interior, somewhere between traditional and modern. The color palette is very fresh and vibrant and the interior is very beautiful and inviting. Still, it’s difficult to match all the colors in a specific environment so we found a way you could do that with this lovely color palette.

Here are the details that help you determine the best color for this apartment. The apartment occupies three rooms so the interior design is somewhere between modern and old. The kitchen is bright and open and has lots of storage. It also has a dining area, a large living space, a workspace for quick tasks and even a cozy bedroom with lots of natural light. The apartment also has a front terrace with a red carpet and it’s a great source of color.

The walls are white throughout and the floors have a light finish. The furniture is white as well and most of the rooms are not particularly large but there is always contrast in colors. The living area can be found in the center of the room and it has a sofa and a coffee table at its center. Near the dining area there’s a modern cooking island with lots of counter space and storage underneath it. The kitchen is actually part of the same room as the kitchen. There’s a dining space also downstairs. It has white walls, wooden flooring and a modern chandelier.

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