Circle Table Lamp

Even though I am a very organized person, I do know that some things are not exactly usual. I have changed the meaning of the word “contrast” with: that things are not necessarily combined in this way and things are rather positioned on a different axis. For example this nice and colorful table lamp is a very simple and pretty simple. It is actually a cast iron table lamp and it is called the Magy Single Book table lamp. It is sold for only $130 and it will certainly change the appearance of your table or night lamp and setting.

This lamp looks like a chain and it is supposed to be fixed on the table or nightstand. It is very simple in design, yet it shows you in a very bad way where you are not allowed to tell if the lamp has direct or indirect lighting. It casts very nice diffuse light and this is what makes it interesting and amazing. It is a design that allows you to use it in large areas and smaller spaces, such as the cabinet of a TV or your kitchen, where you can reach the lamp for the perfect amount of light.

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