Interior Shutter Panels By Erinn Schoup

Have you ever worked with shutters on a building? They’re very practical and there are a lot of options in terms of design and shape. We’ve presented numerous ideas and we’re only going to cover one of them this time but we’ll only present it for a few minutes because we’re being careful very passionate about all of this. It’s never too early to start crafting and you better start when you’re sure you’re not to be stuck on a certain theory.

Let’s start with an interior designer’s office. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly a home but an office. That’s usually the case for both the client and the architect. In some cases the rule is to make the most of the space and there are exceptions but for small homes maybe they should be built in the dead center of the house. That being said, we think that a beautiful and modern interior design is something that you should take into consideration when planning the renovation of a space.

When you plan to remodel your home, if you’re smart with a little imagination you should be able to come up with a customized and original décor. Let’s say that you decide on a combination of styles. How would you like to be mainly made of wood, marble, leather, glass and certain materials such as bricks for example? The result would be a chic and personalized décor and a unique way of combining pieces. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make major changes. In fact, some less than outstanding pieces are unique but some are also special.

A bedroom interior design can be as interesting and original as a bathroom interior design. That’s because each design is unique and this is also the essence of the project. Let’s say that you want your décor to be infused with industrial details. One way of making that happen is by painting the walls black. This will make them stand out and will give the room a more impressive and glamorous look.

But, in order to achieve this look, you first has to paint the walls black. But, in this case, Adler decided to avoid using large scale paint. To fix the stains in was applied on the drywall, a special treatment was created. It might not be a very glamorous solution but it will get your bedroom back in the right spot. In this décor it’s a little more sophisticated than you might think, mostly because of the burgundy walls, the grey tiles and the polished concrete flooring.

Interior Shutter Panels By Erinn Schoup Photo 5

If you have black furniture in your bedroom, you can also put furniture in dark shades. A more modern alternative is to opt for black closets. They usually have sleek and non-fragile finishes and they also tend to look more sober and contemporary. Another possibility is to opt for black cabinets with mirrored doors. But those are usually features that break the monotony.

But, as for bedrooms, they are not as bright and leeway as other interior designs. And we have already mentioned, choosing black for the headboard is also a way of making the décor look more mysterious and imposing. You can also use black for the walls of the bedroom as a sort of backdrop for the furniture. Another fun idea would be to opt for mirrored doors for the closets. They can be added here at the very end.

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