Crate And Barrel Dining Room Design Ideas

The barrel dining room is a standard piece of furniture used to put a smile on your face all over the world. It has been named after the first barrel that was extracted from an old barrel, hence the name that also includes the association with the barrel’s original wealth. Still today it’s difficult to find an barrel fashion table and in some locations there more unusual designs such as this one. This type of tables usually have decorative barrels from time to time.

The barrel dining room is a standard piece of furniture. Nevertheless, nowadays more and more unusual designs are created, like this one for example. It’s called the barrel chair and it’s a piece that was designed by Finn Juhl and was recently shown at Danish brand H08.

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The barrel chair is a very comfortable piece of furniture that also adds a touch of fun to the picture. The frame features painted foam and upholstered in pleasant colors that match the wood ridges. The seat and the back are relatively simple. The seat make you change your mind and your body when you maybe not wear any other type of furniture. Just try to make your back feel nice and feel relaxed.

The seat is not that many details but the piping and the stitching are very well thought and thought and cleverly chosen. It is made from natural linen with feather fillers. The pinched leather is available in two colours, which add a fresh touch to any dining room and also to any room with a strong design. Just fill it up and you got your very own original dining room set. You will love it and take advantage of it.

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