Master Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas For Eclectic Spaces

Choosing the right bathroom tile for the room can be very difficult. Lots of people would recommend the bathroom tile, the master bath shower or the zen garden for this matter. But trust me, there’s more to a chic bathroom than just that.

To make the bathroom a spa, simple choices can be made, like the tile used to make up the walls or the shower head. Most often, walls are preferred because of the walls that keep the water fresh. It’s a pleasure to have a shower, but if complemented by colorful tiles or variations of the same color or similar colors, the room will be exactly the same.

You can create a similar effect by using a combination of colors. A suggestive combination would be to choose colorful mosaic or wall tiles in similar colors and the result will be a fresh and colorful display. For an eye-catching look you can also opt for a clawfoot tub or a colorful stool, depending on the room and type of décor.

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You can also use pattern to emphasize the theme of the bathroom. You can use tiles or mosaic to create an interesting display for the walls. The patterns can also be combined, to create focal points or complementary colors.

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mosaic tiles can have various patterns. An alternative can be friendly and colorful with neutral colors, depending on your color palette. The result will be a playful design that makes the space feel inviting.

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Different patterns can have different types of coloring. For example, you can create an interesting wall design using a bunch of small tiles of randomly designed and arranged and to find the combination that best suits the décor and the ambiance in question. Depending on the amount of light and the view of your guests, you can choose the combination or perpendicular lines.

You can use mosaic tiles to visually delimitate the areas of the bathroom. If you have an open bathroom, then the tiles can stand out a gain a really dramatic manner, like this one. The background is the key and in this case, the floor tiles are the ones giving the room that classical and timeless look while the color and the finish give it an elegant look.

Speaking of classical and timeless, how about this painting? It’s beautiful and abstract and artistic and it features a beautiful, soft shade of blue that really makes it pop. The abstract version of the same color is still simple but also eye-catching. If you want to take it to a more specific limit, you can create your own abstract design using colorful geometric tiles.

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