Modern Bathroom Renovations That Bring The Beauty Of The Past Into Our Own Homes

A lot of people today are happy to change the style of their homes but they find it very difficult to purchase the right appliances, fixtures and amenities because of the sheer amount of time available and also the demand for these features. It seems like a long-term drain, so either because of the widespread shortage of specialized as well as a lack of imagination or because manufacturers are limited by these demands and they seem to have given up. Any way, I found some examples of some of the most expensive and impressive bathroom renovations that I have ever seen, but I admit they are worthy of attention. That is because they bring old and historic elements with all sorts of details and decorations that could have been a challenge to decorate the rooms of a five star hotel if they were not distinctive and expensive.

Some of the previous bathrooms were very much in need of a renovation and most of them were no less impressive. One such example is the “50s generation house” renovated by SPACE Studio.

The house is located in Kaohsiung City, in Taiwan, in an old 1950s housing estate. It was a typical old house, with old floors and no plumbing, with narrow toilets, no electricity and a small building on the site that offered no comfort and did not have a balcony. It was for the owners to make their best use at remodeling course, but they wanted also to use as a second home, so they chose to have them renovated instead.

Some of the old features were reused, enlarged in some other areas and also some of the walls were rounded, painted and insulated with pipes and pipes. The result after the remodeling was a perfectly cozy and inviting home with a nice living room, an inviting bedroom, a nice kitchen and a big bathroom. Because some of the walls were rounded and weren’t allowed to be torn, in order to make us obtain the full length of wall, we used wallpaper.

The original window was removed, the original lining of blinds and doors re-used. Old painting techniques were combined with new graphic elements and the result is stunning, no matter what age or what style I prefer. The kitchen is also charming and beautiful. Not only that, but what gives it a fresh and new appearance was the choice of the light wood for all the cabinetry, wooden floors and kitchen cabinet faces, the same as for the bathroom.{found on dezeen}.

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