Bathroom With Subway Tile, Shower And Vanity, Two Inspiring Interior Designs

Located in the beautiful city of Chicago, this beautiful apartment has been recently renovated and now features spacious and stylish interiors. It has two levels. The rooms are functionally divided and the design is both minimalist and complex.The kitchen and the bathroom are both minimalist, located in an impressive old building. Given the size of the apartment, the fact that there are two levels means that the rooms are multiple and combined into different spaces. The remaining room is a lounge area that accommodates the sofa and a few lounge chairs.

The hallway opens onto a large living room/bedroom. The kitchen is white and has simple and clean furniture. The only elements that create some contrast are the two black kitchen cabinets and the shower unit that surrounds the shower unit. These two elements are perfectly combined in this case. The bathroom looks like a small cave and the two shower units that take all the space are multifunctional.

The bedroom looks particularly cozy. The walls and the ceiling are covered with wood and the few fixtures and furniture pieces are meant to create a cohesive look throughout. The kitchen is mostly white with the countertops and the stove forming a gray background. The apartment also has a bathroom, a large closet and plenty of storage space all in a compact surface. The hall is also small and features two vanities and LED lighting.{found on thejungalow}.

Bathroom With Subway Tile, Shower And Vanity, Two Inspiring Interior Designs Photo 3

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